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1. Sofia International Film Festival (Sofia IFF) is aimed to promote significant and innovative works in the contemporary world cinema for local audience and regional (Bulgarian and Balkan) cinema to international audience, as well as to encourage the cooperation between local and international filmmakers. The 14th Sofia IFF will be held from 5 to 14 March 2010 in Sofia (main programme) with additional week (15-21 March) in Sofia, Bourgas and Plovdiv.
Sofia IFF is organized by Art Fest Ltd. in association with RFF International. The festival is member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals. Official partners of the festival include among others: Sofia Municipality, MEDIA Programme of the EU, Ministry of Culture, National Palace of Culture, Bulgarian National Film Centre, Boyana Film Studio, Foreign Cultural Institutes and Embassies in Bulgaria.

2. The programme of the 14th Sofia IFF includes the following sections:

-  Official programme (international competition and special screenings)
-  Bulgarian feature films
-  Balkan films showcase
-  European screen
-  World screen
-  Jameson Competition for Bulgarian shorts
- International Short Programme
-  Documentary programme
-  Retrospectives and tributes
-  Special events

3. Deadline for entries is 10 December 2009.
The festival director will select the films with the support of programme advisors. The director will make the final decision. The final programme will be announced on 20 January 2010. The screenings schedule is approved by the festival director. Each film may be screened up to 4 times.

4. International competition will include 12 first or second feature films produced after 1 September 2008. National competition of short films will include 12 films, made by Bulgarian filmmakers after 1 January 2009 with length not longer than 30 minutes. Bulgarian feature films section will include feature films completed after 30 March 2009.

5. Films in 35mm format with optical sound are eligible for all the international sections. Bulgarian films may be in 35 mm or Betacam SP. Some documentaries may be presented on Betacam SP Pal as exception.
All the prints of the selected films should be in possession of the Festival before 10 February 2010.

6. Entry form for each film duly filled and signed, confirming the participation in the festival should arrive before 10 December 2009. The following materials have to be send enclosed with the entry:
-     Synopsis, director’s bio & filmography, production notes in English.
-    At least 5 stills from the film and 1 of the director.
-    DVD with English subtitles and Beta SP Pal with trailers and extras (if available)
-    The dialogue list in original language
-    Subtitles in English
-    Other press and promotional materials.

 7. Sofia IFF will cover all costs connected with the transportation of prints of the films selected for the International Competition to Sofia and back to the address given by the producer (airport).
Sofia IFF will cover one way of the costs connected with the transportation of the film prints of the other Festival programmes.
Sofia IFF will cover all the expenses connected with the storage and insurance of the films during the Festival.

8. Sofia IFF invites one representative of the films in the International Competition and covers the travel and 4 days accommodation in Sofia. All conditions for the other festival guests are included in their personal invitations.
Application for accreditation should be received before 1 February 2010.

9. International Jury of five members will judge the films in the International Competition and the National competition for short films.
Jury of invited directors/representatives of international film festivals and international press will vote for best Bulgarian feature film.
FIPRESCI will appoint a jury of 3 members to give award for a film, selected from a special list of films published in the festival catalogue and on the festival web site.

Sofia IFF will award the following prizes:
-    Grand Prix for Best film in the International Competition (goes to the director and producer of the film)
-    Special Jury Award for film in the International Competition (goes to the director of the film)
-    Award for Best Director (goes to the director of the film)
-    Jameson Short Film Award for Best Bulgarian short film (goes to the director of the film)
-    No Man’s Land Award for Best Balkan film in the festival programme (goes to the director of the film)
-    Kodak Award for Best Bulgarian feature film (goes to the director and the cinematographer of the film)
-    Audience Award (goes to the Bulgarian distribution company of the film)
-    FIPRESCI Award (goes to the director of the film)

10. Participation in the Sofia IFF shall presume observation of all articles of the present Regulations. The festival director has the right to settle all cases and issues not covered by these Regulations.

11. Mailing/Shipping address of the 14th Sofia IFF:
Sofia International Film Festival
1, Bulgaria Sq., 1463 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 2 9166 029
Fax: +359 2 9166 714

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